a virtual credit card system arrives to secure your purchases on the internet

Google has just announced the arrival of a virtual credit card system to secure online purchases.

Google has just played cards on the table at its annual conference dedicated to developers, the Google I/O. Indeed, the American firm announces a great advance for its Chrome browser with the arrival of a functionality to create a virtual credit card number. Thanks to the latter, it will be possible to pay with your card for purchases on the internet without disclosing your real bank details.

Google wants to secure online purchases

Internet scams abound, especially via social networks or phishing campaigns. Good news, Chrome browser users will soon be able to protect themselves from it when shopping online. Indeed, Google has just announced during Google I/O 2022 a great step forward in terms of data security: the possibility of creating a virtual credit card to make a payment on the internet.

To put it simply, this option allows you to make a purchase with your real credit card, but without disclosing your information. Indeed, the virtual credit card number created by Google will pay only the amount of an online purchase. As a result, malicious sites could not recover and steal consumer banking data.

Chrome will also automatically return all the information from this temporary bank card (card number, CVV, etc.) necessary for the transaction. Note, even if the number of this card can only be used once, it will still allow you to subscribe to an online subscription. In order to offer this solution to Internet users, Google has joined forces with Capital One, Visage and American Express. Mastercard should join the initiative at the end of 2022.

Currently, the feature is available on the Chrome app on Android smartphones and Windows PCs in the US. Unfortunately, iPhones can only take advantage of it later, just like the French.

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