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So far we’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t feature any weird and noticeable design changes except for the S Pen stylus which is now to be integrated into the body of the foldable phone and that would require retouching of the interior space.

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If the leaked account is to be believed Antoine (Le Galox)It turns out, however, that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will come with a unique new hinge design, simplifying the amount of moving parts that can break or give way after long periods of use.

Instead of the final extra reinforced fin hinges, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 might just have one, which could mean a new phone design that’s thinner and lighter, at least in that area, and more functionality. space inside for extras like the S Pen slot.

New, the Korean media The elect reported that Samsung will once again use KH Vatec as its main hinge supplier for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, as alternatives such as S-Connect or AUFlex have yet to increase their production prowess or yield.

Apparently, Samsung’s goals for this year are to ship 13 million units of foldable smartphones from the 2022 crop (include the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4), which would be a huge increase from the 7 million units of their predecessors shipped in 2021.

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