A Tesla runs at more than 100 km/h on a building

On Wednesday, May 4, in Ohio, a Tesla hit the Greater Columbus Convention Center (convention center). Surveillance camera footage shows that the car did not slow down at the intersection and was going very fast. The driver told officers he was going 70 mph, 113 km/hand that the brakes of his car were damaged.

Witnesses present at the time of the crash say the opposite. According to them, the driver accelerated to pass the orange/red light and that he just didn’t slow down to slow the turn. The investigation will have to determine if the brakes of the car are at the origin of the accident. Still, the driver miraculously survived the accident, he was only slightly injured and was summoned to appear for not having mastered his vehicle.

The shock was violent and the damage is numerous. The car is reformed, given its condition, it will never go back on the road. As for the building, and according to the first estimates, the amount of repairs is between 250,000 to 300,000 dollars. This accident could well have been more catastrophic since the Tesla did not hit any other vehicle or any pedestrian. The worst was therefore stopped, especially since a junior women’s volleyball championship was organized that day.

We remember that last April (see above), a Tesla Model 3 ended up on the roof of an ambulance. Again, Elon Musk’s car was in no way responsible for the accident. It was his driver who pressed the wrong pedal; he accelerated instead of braking during a parking maneuver above the ambulance service seat.

Shortly before, it was the video of a Tesla Model S that went around the world (see above). Again, the car was in no way responsible for this crash. Its driver rented this vehicle, and to impress the gallery, he performed a stunt filmed by several cameras before fleeing.

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