A Tesla beaten by a marathon runner after 72 hours of course!

In the United States, marathon runner Robbie Balenger decided to take on a Tesla Model 3 in an endurance race. The fatigue of the man facing the battery of the machine. Who took it?

It’s a real test endurance which was organized in the USA. Robbie Balenger, a marathon runnera faced a Tesla Model 3 RWD entirely charged. The goal, to see which of the man or the machine will go the longest. Same starting point at the same time for the two protagonists. After more than 72 hours of effort, it was the marathon runner who came out winner.

Almost 3 days of racing for the marathon runner

During this endurance race, the Tesla drove at an average speed of 105km/h. The goal was to continue until the battery was completely discharged. The American manufacturer’s car has thus traveled 390 kilometers Fr 3 hours and 42 minutes. For his part Robbie Belenger did exactly the same itinerary. The marathon runner was able to cover 30.5 meters more than Model 3. Further, but longer!

In fact, he should have 76 hours and 54 minutes for the marathon runner to finish experience. Attention, however Beleger did not run for 3 days in a row. He actually made a few breaks to eat, sleep… which will have taken him in everything: 8.5 hours.

“In the end, I managed to outrun the Tesla in just under 77 hours. It was absolutely brutal due to the high temperature, but we made it. » enthused Robbie Belenger after his 3-day effort.

The Tesla could have won under certain conditions

To views performs of the Tesla, it is obvious that if other criteria had been taken into account, the result would be different. The level of stopwatchit is much better for the American car than for the marathon runner. Moreover, if the Tesla had not driven at 105 km/h but at a speed much lower, she would have used less its battery and therefore would have lasted longer.

Which takes nothing away from the performance of the American marathon runner. “Passing a Tesla was the longest individual effort I have undertaken to date. My hope is that this achievement inspires others to step out of their comfort zone and embrace innovation. he said after the race.

This event was sponsored by Ten thousand, a New York-based clothing brand. This operation is in the series tour de force in which an athlete different tries to break a record every month.

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