a second model for Huawei

After the M5, the Chinese brand Aito has just unveiled a new SUV, the M7. This is the second model launched by Huawai in partnership with Sokon Motors.

With the advent of the electric car, the number of manufacturers that have emerged is impressive. Those who disappeared from circulation at the same time too, with projects that will never materialize.

But among these new builders, some managed to pass the course of industrialization.

Huawei enters the automotive world

Huawei, in partnership with Sokon Motors, has just launched the second model of the Aito brand. It’s about M7, a 100% electric SUV with an unoriginal, even completely banal look. With its 5.02 meters long and 1.95 meters wide, it will not really be the most comfortable in our narrow European streets, and that’s good, since it will not be sold by us.

The Aito M7 is placed in front of competitors like the Nio ES8, Leading Ideal One and other Xpeng G9. For the interior part, we will go back, the manufacturer has not yet provided visuals. We just know that he will have three rows of seats and six seats. This model will give pride of place to on-board technologies, as often with this kind of imposing Chinese SUV.

A small battery and a small heat engine

Under the hood, as stated above, the Aito M7 will be electricbut he will still have it a range extender. We simply know that electric motors develop about 200 kW in total, or about 272 horsepower. It will not be too much to move an engine which must surely exceed 2.5 tons.

At the battery level, there too the information has not yet been communicated. The first rumors evoke a capacity of 40kWhthus ensuring between 150 and 200 km range with a single charge. When the batteries are empty, it is the famous range extender, a small block 1.5 liter turbo of 125 hpwho will take over.

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