A FromSoftware can sometimes hide another!

Nothing New Under the Elden Sun Ring

If we put aside the Japanese market which highlights the invasion of the saga Final Fantasy XIII in the five best sales, we note above all thatRing of Elden still sells well through the various Microsoft Stores. It’s simple. This makes five consecutive weeks that FromSoftware’s latest title has taken root in the FR, US, UK and JP charts. This longevity is all the more incredible for a solo title! But as if that were not enough and taking advantage of sales, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice returns to fourth place in the French hierarchy. Thus, the phenomenon Ring of Elden managed to shift players’ attention back to the Japanese developer’s former GOTY 2019. In any case in France. A fact that remains quite significant by the impact that this title generates around him. Who did not raise a transmitted by blood ou a dark souls after completing the adventure in Entre-Terre? Who didn’t want to discover other FromSoftware titles afterwards? Probably more than you think.

Good game to all and see you next week for the new Xbox digital sales rankings!

Xbox US Top Sellers – Week 12

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