A dedicated Instagram application for the iPad, it is still not close to arriving

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, will still be disappointed. Indeed, iPad users have been asking for an Instagram application on Apple tablets for a long time: a perfectly legitimate request given the importance of the social network. It remains more than surprising that a tech giant such as Instagram, which belongs to the Meta group, has still not created a native application for iPads. For years, users have therefore had to content themselves with using the web version.

Different explanations given

The debate took place on the Twitter platform. The Instagram manager was responding to a tweet from YouTuber Marques Brownlee@MKBHD, who complained about the lack of Instagram for the iPad and his message could hardly be clearer. The explanation given is quite simple to understand. Indeed, according to the manager, there is still not a large enough audience for this to become a priority. He adds that he hopes “to get there at some point”, but will end with “we are currently very focused on other things”.

Adam Mosseri also made other arguments, including that supporting new platforms increases overhead, with the app already in several flavors: Android, iOS, Web and Lite. And to add that Instagram has less budget than you might think…

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