A columnist for “TPMP” flirts with a famous politician live… his wife rejects him a few minutes later on Instagram!

“It’s crazy, life is full of surprises. I watch the show, I never thought I would be there one day. When I arrived at the start, I was like the midinette. And I love, this complicity that we have”, Danielle Moreau said recently in an interview with Jordan De Luxe.

But it is not Baba on whom the columnist has flashed for a long time already but indeed a politician. Popular.

Indeed, this Wednesday, May 11, Danielle revealed live on the C8 show the identity of the one she would like so much to have by her side.

I’m totally stupid in front of you, I told myself that I had no chance of meeting you and here I play my all“, ended up confessing Danielle Moreau by telephone to Georges Fenech, magistrate and member of the Republicans.

But very quickly, the main interested party faced a … rake. “It flatters me enormously, I am very touched by all these compliments and I would have great pleasure in meeting you, but I am not alone my dear Danielle…”the politician in question threw at him.

A few moments later, it was Marie, the companion of Georges Fenech who in turn dismissed Danielle, via her Instagram account!

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