8 tips to increase the visibility of your publications

1. Identify the formats that work best

Facebook allows you to offer different types of posts, including photo, video, and link. First of all, it is a question of opting for the format(s) most coherent with your activity. Then, to best meet the expectations of users on Facebook, you can use social listening tools, which allow both to carry out competitive intelligence but also to know which content is the most efficient.

2. Engage the audience

In addition to inviting your community to simply like the posts, establish a communication that arouses emotion and generates comments or shares. These actions have an essential role in the engagement rate of a Facebook post. Indeed, the algorithm favors the messages that a user shares and talks about with his relatives, this helps to increase the reach and visibility of a publication on the platform.

3. Respond to your community

With interactions playing a key role in getting Facebook posts seen, it’s important that you even join in the conversation with your community. This involves responding to comments under your posts. Formats such as “questions and answers” ​​also allow you to interact with your target audience.

4. Shows at the right time

You can easily view the times when your community is online and therefore potentially responsive. You can observe this data by going to the tab Statistics of your Facebook Page, then clicking on Works. This will allow you to post or even schedule a post at the most applicable times.

5. Post regularly

Regularity is key when it comes to visibility on Facebook. When it comes to highlighting a publication, the algorithm focuses on looking at the activity of a Page, but also if the publication(s) are recent. However, there is no point in publishing excessively, it is recommended to put on the quality of the posts, rather than on the quantity.

6. Leverage stories

Facebook Stories are not part of the News Feed and therefore are not subject to the algorithm. In addition, they have a prime location on the social network interface, located at the top of the screen on the desktop version in particular. They thus become an asset in terms of visibility and attractiveness for a Page, as well as for its publications.

7. Use a Brand Group

Having a brand group on Facebook allows you to communicate differently with your audience, but also to increase the visibility of your publications. Indeed, this channel allows you to address the most engaged part of your community and share the most important publications, being certain that they will reach your target audience.

8. Focus on video content

Diversifying formats is important when it comes to communication on social networks. If you had to choose one in particular, it would definitely be the video format. Indeed, Facebook’s algorithm pays particular attention to videos longer than 3 minutes, viewed for more than a minute. The viewing time and the completion rate are also two essential indicators to boost your visibility on the platform.

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