7 accessories to perfect your photos and videos on Instagram

As one of the most downloaded applications in the world, Instagram is the social network par excellence to share your passions. Do you like taking photos? To cook ? Traveling to the four corners of the planet? Do you want to speak on topics that are important to you or do you just want to have fun? Many of us share what we like on social media. However, creating quality content on Instagram or Tiktok cannot be improvised. It is not only necessary to prepare for it but also to be at least equipped. You can of course generate content only using your smartphone. But if you want to take it to the next level and offer attractive and attractive positions, you will need to invest in equipment. Here are 7 accessories that will allow you to stand out on Instagram, Tiktok and other social networks and why not become the next trendy influencer.

A DJI OM 4 SE stabilizer

DJI OM 4 SE Stabilizer

If we know well (and we validate them) the drones of the DJI brand, its stabilizers for smartphones and cameras are just as efficient. With several features such as activetrack to follow your subjects on the move, timelapse to accelerate movement or even spin mode, it is possible to create effects worthy of a cinema studio, with your smartphone, quite simply.

One Peheshe LED ring light


Essential when you’re facing the camera, this ring will illuminate you with a flattering light while allowing an even and diffused luminosity that helps eliminate shadows. In addition to being supplied with a tripod, this ring light offers a whole range of variants in terms of colors and intensity: three distinct shades (Cool White / Warm White / Warm Yellow) and ten lighting levels, the plus being hard programmed so it doesn’t hurt your eyes. We tell you, even if you get up on the wrong foot, you will always look good thanks to this light ring. All you have to do is place your camera or smartphone in the center of the circle and press “rec”.

Condenser Microphone Shure Mv88/A

Shure Mv88/A Stereo Digital Condenser Microphone

Whether you want to record high-quality voice or perform live, the Stereo iOS Microphone for iPhone and iPad will give you great sound. This automatically adjusts EQ, compression and gain for optimal results. It offers the ability to tilt, flip and rotate the microphone up to 90° to achieve stereo clarity no matter the sound source. Ideal if you want to get into an interview or if you have a singing talent.

Puluz portable light box

Puluz Portable Photo Studio Light Box with 112 LEDs and 6 Backdrops 30cm

Simple and quick to install, this light box allows you to take pictures while benefiting from lighting worthy of a large photo studio. Soft, diffused light will illuminate your subject while avoiding dark spots and unwanted shadows. The Puluz light box has 2 openings in the front and top, allowing you to take pictures from multiple angles, horizontally or vertically. Perfect if you want to take pictures of your sneaker collection or your personal creations.

Lammcou flexible tripod

Lammcou Flexible Smartphone Tripod

With its 3 flexible rubber-covered feet, it is difficult to hang your smartphone on any support without the slightest: tree trunk, fence, bicycle and others. Both light and robust, it will accompany you everywhere. Even if it can be used in everyday life, due to its mobility, this tripod is mainly aimed at travelers.

Vijim VL120 RGB Lamp

VIJIM VL120 RGB Video Light

With a very wide range of colors, this RGB lamp will sublimate your photos and videos. It includes a wide variety of lights to create the mood you want. Despite its small size, it can light up an entire room. You will find on the back of the device an LCD screen that will allow you to control the color of the brightness, its intensity, and its temperature.

Selvim lens kit

Selvim 4 in 1 Smartphone Lens Kit

Kaleidoscope Lens, Macro Lens x25, Fisheye Lens 235°, Wide Angle Lens x0.62

If at first glance, some gadgets will see that they will be put away after 3 uses, this Selvim lens kit offers another dimension to the photos and videos taken using your smartphone. Develop your creativity with its four lenses that adapt to all types of devices. Between its kaleidoscope effect for an artistic side, its wide angle and its fisheye lens, you will allow original photos and zero views otherwise.


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